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Asphalt Paving

In Texas, asphalt is the most common paving material for parking lots, high-speed highways, city streets, and rural roads. There are several reasons for the popularity of asphalt paving, but the benefits of asphalt can be negated unless you hire a competent contractor to install your pavement.

Why Is the Choice of an Asphalt Paving Contractor Critical?

Installing an asphalt pavement requires a proper engineering design, careful planning, and the meticulous execution of each step in the construction.

  1. If the design is incorrect, the pavement could fail quickly, or you could face unnecessary expenses if the depth of the asphalt is excessive.
  2. Without proper planning, the asphalt trucks might not arrive on time, or the equipment needed might be committed to another job. Both of these could affect the quality of the finished pavement, but they could also result in delays.
  3. The paving process needs to be completed in a certain order and within a certain time. For example, compaction must occur before the asphalt loses too much of its heat. Cutting corners or skipping steps will usually result in an inferior pavement.

What Qualities Should an Asphalt Paving Contractor Possess?

Relevant experience is one of the first things you should look for when selecting an asphalt paving contractor. You should also look for someone with good communication skills. Furthermore, you need to ensure that the contractor has the proper equipment and staffing to handle your job. In addition, you want a contractor who carries the proper business insurance policies, especially workers’ compensation and professional liability insurance.

What Are the Benefits of Asphalt Paving?

Asphalt became the most popular paving choice in North America because of its many benefits.

  1. You will pay substantially less to have an asphalt pavement constructed than to have an equivalent concrete pavement built.
  2. You can open your new asphalt pavement to traffic much more rapidly than you could open a concrete pavement.
  3. Asphalt pavements reflect less light than concrete, drastically reducing the glare from the sun that can make it difficult for drivers to see.
  4. Asphalt offers better traction than concrete, especially under wet conditions.
  5. When you need to maintain or repair your asphalt pavement, the procedures are usually rapid and economical. Disruptions to your business or traffic are minimal.
  6. Asphalt pavements can have very long lives if they are properly maintained.
  7. With proper maintenance, a weary asphalt pavement can be resurfaced rather than rebuilt. You can save both time and money, but you will get most of the benefits of a new construction.
  8. Asphalt pavements are extremely attractive. They have a dark color that is luxurious and aesthetically pleasing. This rich color also provides exceptional contrast if you need to mark or stripe your pavement.
  9. Compared to concrete, asphalt offers a smoother, quieter ride that benefits drivers and their occupants as well as the people in nearby structures.

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