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Your parking lot has the potential to be a detriment or an asset to your business. A disorderly, unkempt parking lot is unlikely to encourage people to visit or return to your business. Conversely, a safe, attractive parking lot will make them much more willing to leave their cars and walk across your pavement. However, creating a great parking lot requires much more than just painting some stripes to define the individual parking spaces. There are many individual components that require planning and coordination. If you ask people to list these various components, many of them overlook the need for proper parking lot signs.

Why Are Parking Lot Signs Important?

Without the proper signage, a parking lot can take on some of the aspects of a lawless frontier town. Drivers will face more confusion, and confusion can lead to accidents. People will park where they should not, and this can inconvenience or even endanger others. No one will be completely certain of what is expected from them. In short, parking lot signs help maintain order, and this helps improve safety. Furthermore, some signs are legally required, so you could be fined if you do not install them.

What Types of Parking Lot Signs Do I Need?

The right signage depends on several factors, including the size of your parking lot, its turnover rate, and the people who park there. You can classify parking lot signs into three categories.

  1. Legally mandated signs are those that are required by codes or laws. The signs that identify accessible parking spaces belong in this category. So are any signs required by municipal or county fire or building codes. These can include signs denoting fire lanes, pedestrian crosswalks, or bus stops that lie within the confines of your parking lot. In certain cases, stop signs or yield signs can also be legally required, particularly at exits that connect to a public roadway.
  2. Optional signs are those that carry information or directions. These may state your policies, including the speed limit in your parking lot. They may also indicate that certain spaces are reserved for your employee of the month, curbside pickups, electric vehicles, or compact cars. If you manage a business park or apartment complex, you might install signs to direct visitors to a specific building or entrance.
  3. There are also signs that you can install for the convenience of your patrons. For example, if you have a massive parking lot, you can install signs to identify the individual parking rows. This makes it easier for drivers to remember where they parked. If you operate a furniture or appliance store, you can post signs to direct buyers to the proper loading dock for picking up their purchases.

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