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San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, the seat of Bexar County, ranks second on the list of most-populous cities in Texas. It lies about 75 miles southwest of Austin and approximately 190 miles west of Houston. San Antonio has experienced explosive growth in recent decades, which means that the city’s pavement-related needs have also increased significantly. When San Antonians need asphalt sealcoating, asphalt paving, asphalt repair, parking lot striping, power washing, parking lot signs, speed bumps, or parking lot maintenance services, they frequently request the assistance of JSC Asphalt Care.

What Is the History of San Antonio, Texas?

During the late 1600s, Spain claimed a vast area of the southwest, including what would eventually become the state of Texas. In 1691, a party of Spanish missionaries and explorers arrived at a river on the feast day devoted to St. Anthony of Padua. The Spaniards named the river and the location San Antonio to honor the saint. However, the Spaniards did not settle the area for more than 20 years. The establishment of a combined presidio and mission was approved in 1716, and the mission that would eventually become famous as the Alamo was constructed. San Antonio would grow quickly, becoming the largest Spanish settlement and the capital of the province of Texas. However, Mexico would declare its independence from Spain, and Texas would declare its independence from Mexico, leading the famous battle between the army of General Santa Anna and a small force of rebels holed up in the Alamo. Texas became an independent republic in 1836, a status it maintained until it was annexed by the United States in 1845. Annexation triggered the Mexican-American War, which proved devastating to San Antonio, resulting in the loss of nearly two-thirds of its residents. However, by 1860, San Antonio’s population had increased dramatically to approximately 15,000. Throughout the 1900s, San Antonio grew steadily, its diverse economy attracting residents and businesses. In 1990, the population was around 936,000 people, but it reached more than 1.1 million just 10 years later. As of 2022, an estimated 1.47 million people made their homes in San Antonio.

What Services Does JSC Asphalt Care Offer in San Antonio, Texas?

JSC Asphalt Care is committed to providing San Antonians with true value for their paving investments. We offer the following list of services in San Antonio.

JSC Asphalt Care is a trustworthy, experienced company with an impeccable reputation for reliability, craftsmanship, honesty, and service. Whether you need asphalt repairs, parking lot striping, asphalt sealcoating, parking lot signs, asphalt paving, speed bump installation, power washing, or parking lot maintenance in San Antonio, we are ready and able to assist you. We offer free, no-obligation quotes, so request yours today by filling out the online form, emailing, or calling 512-653-6526.


Scratch off worn-out asphalt from your list of worries. Teaming up with our experienced crew of asphalt sealcoating contractors provides you with a one-stop shop for dealing with all of your asphalt maintenance needs. Whether you need parking lot restriping, sealcoating or traffic sign and speed bump installation, we’re here as your top local asphalt sealcoating company to provide you with high-quality asphalt repairs.

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