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Speed Bump Installation

Speed bumps are the most widely used traffic-calming measure used in America and many other countries. To be effective, however, speed bump installation must be carefully designed and competently installed.

Where Are Speed Bumps Commonly Placed?

Speed bumps are normally situated in places where the speed of vehicles needs to be kept to a low rate, typically between 10 mph and 15 mph. Therefore, they are common in parking lots near pedestrian crosswalks, at entrances, or in the busiest traffic aisles. They are also common in subdivisions, near playgrounds, and in school zones. In addition, they can be found in office parks, apartment complexes, or other facilities that have multiple buildings.

How Are Speed Bumps Installed?

There are several steps to be followed in order to ensure an effective, long-lasting speed bump.

  1. The site must be evaluated to determine the right locations to install speed bumps.
  2. Although asphalt is used for speed bumps the most often, rubber speed bumps are also available. Therefore, the best material for your specific needs will need to be selected.
  3. Speed bumps can vary in height, length, and width, and they can also be designed so that they do not impede fire trucks and other emergency vehicles. These aspects will also need to be decided upon as part of the design process.
  4. The next step is to clean the pavement where the speed bump will be installed. If there is any damage, repairs will be needed before proceeding with the installation.
  5. The size and shape of the speed bump will be outlined on the pavement.
  6. Holes will be drilled to be used to mount the speed bump. The depth and size of these holes will be based on several factors, including the number of vehicles that are expected to cross the speed bump daily.
  7. The speed bump will be installed. You may also want to install other features, including reflective markers to make the speed bump more visible or signs to warn drivers of its presence.
  8. At the appropriate time, you should sealcoat an asphalt speed bump, and it is recommended that you paint them with a high-visibility pavement paint.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Installing Speed Bumps?

There can be potential disadvantages, but they tend to be irrelevant if you hire a competent, knowledgeable contractor to install your speed bumps.

  1. If they are placed in the wrong location, speed bumps can create or worsen traffic jams. For example, if you place a speed bump on a street with a speed limit of 40 mph that routinely receives a high volume of traffic, you can worsen the congestion. You also do not want to place a speed bump in a location where drivers will be surprised to encounter it.
  2. Speed bumps can unseat cyclists or trip pedestrians unless you make the speed bumps obvious. This is where reflective markers, warning signs, and reflective paint or tape can help.
  3. You want your speed bump to force drivers to slow down without being overly aggressive. For example, if you are protecting pedestrians, you may need your speed bumps to be more aggressive than if you are simply trying to discourage outsiders from using a street in your subdivision as a shortcut. If your speed bumps are too aggressive, they can damage cars, or they could cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles.

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