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Parking Lot Maintenance

Parking lots are supposed to be an asset that can help attract and retain tenants, customers, and employees. However, without the proper care, a parking lot can become a liability to the success of your business. The best way to ensure that you are creating the desired perception is with a professionally administered parking lot maintenance plan.

What Is the Purpose of Parking Lot Maintenance?

Parking lots can serve different functions for different businesses. For example, you may need to provide parking for tenants, employees, patients, or customers. Regardless of why you need a parking lot, an effective maintenance plan will provide four important benefits.

  1. It will help you ensure the safety of those who use your parking lot. A properly maintained parking lot will reduce potential tripping hazards and car accidents.
  2. It will help you avoid potential fines or lawsuits. Effective maintenance can help you ensure that your parking lot fully complies with accessibility laws, fire codes, and other legal requirements.
  3. It will help you prevent unnecessary damage to your pavement, thereby saving you money.
  4. It will help you enhance your property’s curb appeal, which can help you attract the people you want to serve.

What Should a Parking Lot Maintenance Plan Include?

Although every parking lot can require slightly different plans, most plans include the following services.

  1. Asphalt sealcoating is both a protective procedure and a cosmetic treatment. Sealcoating prevents UV rays from turning your asphalt pavement dry and brittle, and it helps prevent damage from automotive fluids. Sealcoating also enhances the appearance of your asphalt pavement, restoring its dark color, preventing additional fading, and making the surface appear smoother. Most parking lot plans should include sealcoating every two years.
  2. Asphalt crack repairs are vital to the health of your pavement. Water will enter through open cracks, then be pulled down by gravity until it reaches the foundation. The flowing water will erode the foundation, making it too weak to provide the support your pavement needs. If the trapped water freezes, the damage will be multiplied. It is best to repair significant cracks every autumn and every spring.
  3. Parking lot striping is a must if you are to comply with the ADA and local codes. Visible, crisp pavement markings and stripes also enhance safety, make things more convenient for your visitors, and improve your property’s curb appeal. A good time to repaint your parking lot is immediately after sealcoating it; pavement paints and sealcoating are usually similar in longevity. However, you should not wait if your paint starts to peel or blister, incurs serious damage, or fades to less than 75% of its original visibility.
  4. Parking lot signage should also be included in your maintenance plan. Some signs are required to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, local fire codes, or local ordinances. Other signs help improve safety for pedestrians or drivers. You may also have signs to convey your policies, offer information, or help visitors navigate your property. Your Austin parking lot maintenance plan should include a quarterly inspection of your signs and their posts so that you can replace any that are damaged or faded.

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