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Parking Lot Striping

Bright, neat pavement markings and lines help you create an inviting, attractive environment for the people who access your parking lot. However, parking lot striping is more than just a beauty treatment for your pavement. Your line striping and markings can help keep you avoid legal problems, make your parking lot safer, and potentially increase your profits.

How Does Parking Lot Striping Help Avoid Legal Problems?

Virtually all parking lots are required to comply with local codes as well as the federal regulations contained in the Americans with Disabilities Act. Violating a local fire or building code could lead to a fine; a substantial or repeated violation could, in some jurisdictions, force you to close your business until you correct the issue. Failure to comply with the ADA could result in a hefty fine, but it could also find you embroiled in a class action lawsuit.

How Does Parking Lot Striping Improve Safety?

One of the leading causes of traffic accidents is distracted driving. It is not uncommon for drivers to already be distracted by their navigational system or cell phone when they turn into your parking lot. Without the proper markings to guide them, they can become confused, and this only makes them more distracted. Statistically, roughly 20% of the nation’s car accidents happen in parking lots, and almost 40% of the fatalities resulting from these accidents are pedestrians. Your stripes and markings provide guidance to both pedestrians and drivers that can help keep the two groups separated. When everyone knows where they need to go, how they need to park, and what they need to do, your parking lot will be less chaotic.

How Might Parking Lot Striping Potentially Increase a Company’s Profits?

In addition to potential fines and lawsuits, there are various ways that your profits could be affected by your parking lot striping.

  1. 1. If your parking lot layout does not utilize your space in the best manner, you may not be able to offer as many parking spaces. Potential customers who cannot find an empty space may choose to take their business elsewhere.
  2. 2. If you have residential or commercial tenants, you already know that it can be costly and time-consuming to attract new tenants when you have a vacancy. Therefore, you want to retain your best tenants. However, if their car doors are constantly being dented, or they are frequently inconvenienced by poorly parked vehicles, they may become dissatisfied enough to move.
  3. 3. Your property likely features shrubs, trees, flower beds, fences, or walls as well as structures. Confused drivers could drive across your landscaped areas or into your structural features when entering or exiting your parking lot. In many cases, the cost of repairs will not exceed your policy’s deductible, or your policy may not cover damage to certain features. Thus, you could be forced to pay the entire cost to repair the damage.
  4. 4. There is a concept in business that is commonly referred to as goodwill. This refers to an intangible asset that adds value to a business. Things that cultivate a kindly attitude increase goodwill. If your parking lot does not offer safe, accessible parking, your company’s goodwill can be negatively affected. Although goodwill is an intangible asset that is not easy to quantify, it still exists.

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